For the People Act of 2021
Congress has an opportunity to pass the most powerful reform to our democracy in decades. Your support is needed to counteract the powerful interest groups that oppose it!

Voter Suppression

Penalizes voter intimidation.

Automatically restores the right to vote in all Federal elections for people with felony convictions upon release from prison. This does not require payment of fines and/fees.

Expands vote by mail eligibility  to all states - if you can vote, you can vote by mail. No more restrictions based on age or disability.

Campaign Finance

Prohibits donations from, and disbursements to, foreign entities.

Requires immediate disclosure of campaign disbursements to any entity in excess of $10,000

Ends dark money in online political advertisements campaigns

Holds campaigns accountable for spreading false information.

Automatic Registration

All eligible citizens are automatically registered to vote, and must voluntarily opt out if they do not wish to be registered.

Allows minors to pre-register to vote as early as 16 in anticipation of being eligible.

Provides funding for high school voting education and civic engagement campaigns.


Establishes independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions made up of people who represent the racial and economic makeup of their district.

Bans mid-decade redistricting, a practice prone to political abuse

Establishes a transparent redistricting process open to regular public input.