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Current Mission: Fight Voter Suppression in Georgia
Introduced in the Georgia Senate, Senate Bills 67-74 restrict the right to vote, especially for voters of color.

What Can I Do About It?
Join our phonebanking campaign to call Georgia voters of color in key districts and connect them to their state senators. This is the most effective way for their voices to be heard. Our unique phone banks are carefully chosen to target the legislators that most need to hear from their underrepresented constituents of color. We hope you join us in protecting voting rights in Georgia!
SB 67: Absentee ballot application ID
SB 68: Ban ballot drop boxes
SB 69: End automatic voter registration
SB 70: Prohibits new Georgia residents from voting in runoffs
SB 71: Requires an excuse to vote absentee
SB 72: Mandates monthly updates to election officials of voters who have died
SB 73: Bans nonprofit organizations from mailing absentee ballot applications to voters
SB 74: Expands poll watcher access

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New to Center for Common Ground? You are welcome to use our phone banks on your own time (9am-9pm within the target state's time zone, no Sunday mornings), but if you'd like to make calls with a group of volunteers, sign up for any of these events.

Center for Common Ground is non-partisan, but we welcome any organizations to participate and host events with our phone banks as long as they follow our non-partisan rules.

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