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Phone Bank Central

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1. If you haven't already, sign up here for phonebanking updates

2Read our Phonebanker's Guidelines (please print them out before your first calling session for easy reference)

3. Watch our Training Video.

4. Join a Live Training or a Guided Phonebank Session, below 


Live Training

Please read the phonebankers guidelines and watch the training video before attending a group training:

Weekly Monday Trainings

7:30-8:30pm ET

for the absolute beginners among us. 

Thinking about leading groups of your own? these training sessions are a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the type of questions that most commonly arise.

Training for Introverts and Friends 

Tuesday, September 22, 7-9pm ET

Are you thinking about phone banking with ROV but don’t quite feel ready? 

In this interactive and supportive training (led by three introverts-who-phone-bank) we’ll demonstrate that you already have key skills--like the ability to listen thoughtfully and make meaningful one-to-one connections.

(recording of the September 2 training here)

guided phonebanks

For those who have completed their training, and prefer to phone bank as part of a group, we offer weekly guided phonebank sessions.:

Every Tuesday National Phonebank 

5-7pm ET -  Please make sure you have thoroughly read through our Phonebank Guidelines document and watched our training video.

People against Voter Suppression

Weekly Phone banks

Usually Saturdays; click event for details

Join young folks from across the country for an open mic, quick phonebanking training, and a Virtual Phone Bank on Zoom. Throughout, you’re invited to meet fellow phone bankers, share success stories, and give us feedback.


current campaigns

Our phone banks are open 7 days a week, 9 AM to 9 PM for your targeted state's time zone. Please don’t call Sunday mornings in that state's time zone.

If you're not sure how to access these phone banks, it means you have not read or watched the required training materials. Get started at the top of this page.

  • North Carolina (Information about 3 ways to vote; pledge to vote & possibly volunteer with the Make Good Trouble-Vote Campaign)

  • South Carolina (Giving voters over 65 Information about 3 ways to vote, including absentee options which allow them to vote early)

  • Alabama (calling de-registered voters of color; be warned that these phone banks have a very low voter contact rate)

  • Texas (calling de-registered voters of color and providing them with easy ways to register to vote) We recommend Harris County due to the best voter contact rate

  • Georgia (Vote by Mail and Early Voting information)

  • Arizona (signing up Decline-to-State AZ voters of color for PEVL, the Permanent Early Voting List) - We are de-prioritizing this state, because many other organizations are calling in with the same mission.


Special events

Reclaim our Vote - Weekly Event List

A consolidated list of all our weekly events on Action Network. 

Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry Sunday Phone Bank

Every Sunday, 4-6pm ET

Every Sunday in September - October and November 1st, UUJMCA will be hosting Reclaim Our Vote phone bank parties for UUs and Friends to help get out the vote in key voter suppression states. Each session will start with training. Our calls remind people to vote early if possible, guiding them on how, where and when. Sign up for as many Sunday afternoons as you can, to help save our democracy!



If you'd like to invite other volunteers to join your organization's ROV phone bank event, please submit it here and we will add it to the calendar. Full page calendar here



Please visit our FAQ first, your question may be answered there.


Additional questions can be sent to

group signups


We are looking for student ambassadors to represent us and recruit more students to join in the fight against voter suppression. If you're interested, find out more here